Author: Ryebread

Be Well To Each Other

It’s been one (very mind bendingly) long week for the citizens of Earth. Changes are happening right now on a global, regional, local and individual level, and every single person on this planet is being affected dramatically by them in some way. Not only are these changes happening quickly, but they have been dramatic enough…

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Playa Photography 2019

Burning Man 2019 All photos were taken on 35mm color film with point and shoot cameras.The renditions here are scans of prints. 35mm photograph of “The Shrine of Sympathetic Resonance” by tyson ayers and Resonant Arts Burning Man 2019 35mm photograph of “Sacred Ground” by Michael Benisty Burning Man 2019 35mm photograph of “Expansion…

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Karaoke Deth Machine

A sliver of light stands out against the dark background of deep Playa as you ride towards the trash fence, past the inflatable neon elephant, keeping the 747 over your shoulder on the right. As you travel further and the dissonant rumble of the city dies away, a silvery podium rises up to greet you.…

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